Here at Ecofreeez we are not only concerned about the environment, we are also concerned about safety.

Our product works in any R22 system and is compatible to use with all oils. Additionally, it is so greatly refined, that it will extend the life of the compressor that it is used in.

As we began promoting ecofreeez , we recognized immediately the misconceptions of Hydrocarbon flammability. Due to this misconception, we embarked on an extensive and in-depth search to find and present the facts in reference to Hydrocarbon flammability. We not only want to save the environment  we also want people to be around to enjoy it.

The following facts came about:

-First and foremost, it is important to recognize that all refrigerants are potentially flammable under certain conditions. All gases, even R22, is flammable (especially when in the system mixed with the oils) and the right precautions need to be taken when using any refrigerant product. In refrigeration systems which currently use chemical refrigerants, oil is used to mix with the refrigerant and travel around the system. Therefore, all of these chemical refrigerants also become flammable due to the oil vapor content of the gases when being discharged from the systems.

- Hydrocarbon refrigerants do not spontaneously combust on contact with air! There are 3 elements that all need to coincide at the same time:

  1. Hydrocarbons will need to be released.
  2. The correct proportion of air needs to mix with the Hydrocarbon, the range of flammability generally being 1.9% to 8.5%. Combustion cannot occur outside these limits.
  3. There needs to be some type of ignition source, which exceeds 598°C. 

If any 1 of these 3 elements is not present, then combustion cannot occur.

- Generally if there is a leak in a system, only a small percentage of refrigerant will leak out, not the whole amount. Then, due to the Hydrocarbon being able to dissipate so quickly, it would be extremely difficult to meet the range of flammability.