Frequently Asked Questions

What is EcoFreeez?
EcoFreeez Inc. requires that its products are made within strict specification. In fact, the refrigerant product is made of only the Most Pure, Quality, Refined ingredients available today. EcoFreeez Refrigerant is computer blended within ¼ of 1% and certified by an ISO 9002 major American petrochemical supplier. Manufactured and Bottled in the United Sates!

Will EcoFreeez Hydrocarbon Refrigerant Technology harm my air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment and its components?
NO. In fact, it should extend the lifespan of your air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment as the hydrocarbon refrigerant is non-corrosive compared to HFC and HCFC products.

Is EcoFreeez hydrocarbon refrigerant toxic?
NO. It is non-toxic as it is a blend of naturally occurring gases.

Is EcoFreeez hydrocarbon refrigerant flammable?
YES, as are all lubricants, additives and oils used in air-conditioning systems. The key is that hydrocarbon refrigerant’s flammability is highly controllable. 

Is EcoFreeez hydrocarbon refrigerant environmentally friendly?
YES. Our hydrocarbon refrigerant has zero ozone depletion potential and practically zero global warming potential.

How efficient is EcoFreeez hydrocarbon refrigerant?
VERY. Our hydrocarbon refrigerant is up to 60% times more efficient than current HFC and HCFC refrigerants.

What quantum of energy savings can our customers expect from EcoFreeez hydrocarbon refrigerant?
We have managed to obtain from 13% to 37% energy savings.

Where is our EcoFreeez hydrocarbon refrigerant manufactured?
Our hydrocarbon refrigerant is manufactured in the USA.

Will my present maintenance team be able to continue servicing my air-conditioning units after conversion to EcoFreeez Hydrocarbon Refrigerant Technology?